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Cast :Shahid Kapoor ,Shraddha Kapoor ,Tabu ,Kay Kay Menon,Narendra Jha (Dr. Hilal Meer) and Narendra Jha
Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
Adapted from: Hamlet
Music composed by: Vishal Bhardwaj
Production company: VB Pictures
Release date: October 2, 2014 (USA)


Jhelum - Haider (mp3songss.com) (HD 720p)---Download

Jhelum – Haider (mp3songss.com) (HD 720p)—Download

So Jao - Haider (mp3songss.com) (HD 720p)---Download

So Jao – Haider (mp3songss.com) (HD 720p)—Download

Gulon Mein Rang - Haider (mp3songss.com) (HD 720p)---Download

Gulon Mein Rang – Haider (mp3songss.com) (HD 720p)—Download

Ek Aur Bismil - Haider (mp3songss.com) (HD 720p)---Download

Ek Aur Bismil – Haider (mp3songss.com) (HD 720p)—Download

Khul Kabhi Toh - Haider (mp3songss.com) (HD 720p)---Download

Khul Kabhi Toh – Haider (mp3songss.com) (HD 720p)—Download

Haider Bismil FULL VIDEO SONG- haider (mp3songss.com) (HD720p)

Haider Bismil FULL VIDEO SONG- haider (mp3songss.com) (HD720p)

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