dhund lenge manzil hum movie first look and information

dhund lenge manzil hum movie first look


Director: R. Gautam
Producer: Kalyanji Jana, Naresh Matre
Cast: Kalyanji Jana, Dharmendra Singh, Sebetina Reddy, Neha Bansal, Pooja Matre, Santanu Bakshi, Prachay Singhal, Raza Murad, Mushtaq Khan, Ali Khan, Ramesh Goyal, Gulshan Pandey, Birbal, Rama Mehra
Banner: S.K.M.H. Films Productions, Darshnik Mumbai News Paper

Dhund Lenge Manzil Hum is an inspirational Bollywood Movie around five orphan kids who suffer from various kinds of illnesses and disabilities. It is their journey of achieving the impossible with their devotion and hard work.

WATCH: Dhund Lenge Manzil Hum trailer



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